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Adventure Gear for Adventure Camping

Homer Adventures provides complimentary gear

Essential gear is provided as a courtesy to help you on your camping adventures

If requestede we can off a tent for safe sleeping in the wild


Nomadic Kitchen for all your cooking needs on your adventures


Freshly cleaned sleeping bags and pillows available to rent

Tents for Camping

An all weather tent is provided for easy camp setup and breakdown, allowing you to sleep safely and comfortably.

Roofnest Sparrow XL roof-top tent rental

In our adventure vehicles you will easily be able to park and access shopping when you are in town and the best camping spots when you hit the road.

Nomadic Kitchen equipped for cooking on the trail.

The kitchenette from Nomadic Kitchen is equipped in the back, to handle all your cooking needs while on your adventure.


What equipment is included?

In addition to the tent and the kitchenette, we strive to provide all the essentials for your adventure for 2 persons. This gear is provided as a courtesy to help you on your travels - that said it is not state of the art gear, if you have a particular standard you may wish to bring your own.

Click here for a complete list of what is provided.

Freshly cleaned basic sleeping bags and pillows (clean delivered in trash bag) can be provided for an additional $20 per bag+pillow.

It is expected the gear will be returned in the clean condition it is provided in, a $100 cash deposit is collected which is returned when the gear is brought back.

What about the weather?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds due to bad weather.
While we cannot control the weather, the adventure camping vehicles are fun, safe and easy to drive around. We suggest to check a radar map or look for blue areas on Windy when you pick up your vehicle and alter trip plans accordingly.
The RoofNest tent performs great in many conditions, including the light rain that is common in Alaska, but may not be comfortable in high winds. Our wish is that you enjoy your trip in Alaska and hope you can be flexible with hotel room options to sleep soundly and comfortably should a large storm blow in.

Where are you located?

We do not have a brick and mortar storefront. We can meet you at the Homer Airport or your place of lodging within 5 miles of Homer city limits to pick up/drop off the vehicle.

Can we pick up/drop off the vehicle in Anchorage?

We are a small, family-owned business in Homer, Ak. We do not yet have the ability to also have a location in Anchorage. That means it costs us $600 + 1 rental day to take a vehicle one-way from Anchorage to Homer.

Policies and Deposits?

Click here to read the full rental agreement. In summary:
No blood, fish, guts or mud in the vehicle or tent.
Driver must be 25 years of age or older with proof of liability insurance (if you do not have you can purchase through companies such as Allianz).
No off-roading in our vehicles. The vehicles' locations are tracked, we will know if you go offroad. There is a $500 per day charge for violations. The vehicles can only be driven on sealed/bitumen made (aka paved) roads or well maintained access roads less than 1 mile long to recognized campgrounds with the exception of Skilak Lake Road and Hatcher Pass/Fishhook Rd.
There is a $300 cleaning fee for excessively dirty vehicles.
No smoking in the tent or the vehicle, a $200 fee will be charged for smoking.
Included in the rental are 150 miles per day and additional miles come at $0.35 per mile.
There is a $500 security deposit for the vehicle and tent/kitchenette + $100 cash deposit for the camping gear.
You are 100% responsible for any damages to the vehicles and equipment that are not the result of normal wear and tear, that includes flat tires, windshield damage or damage to the tent.
There is a 10.85% State and City sales tax added to the rental agreement.